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Our Beloved Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss

Our Beloved Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss

Mr. Health minister keep giving advice to people to quit smoking and give alcohol consumption, I am not sure if he himself really follows these rule. It’s kind of big question for the country like India. There are millions of thousand of health related issue but our health minister does not to look at all these because he wants to gain some name and fame by asking actor/minister/company to quit smoking. He belong to Tamilnadu and I heard couple of days back that there some kids died because of some diseases. But our Health Minister don’t give shit about it since he hate only smoking. I really fail to understand this egoistic person. Why I am calling him egoistic? Well how can I forget the case against AIIMS director Dr. Venugopal. When SC gives order in favor of Venugopal this guy used his political strength and brought a bill which will not allow the person to serve as a AIIMS director after certain age. That shows how our health minister function when it comes to deal with basic necessity of ordinary people. Look at the news where new born died because of hospital authority fail to provide basic heath care. Now I never heard any comment from health minister. Is there I am missing something or it is just a media who does not want to give publicity. These state run hospital enjoy all the benefits from the government but when it come to provide service to the people this is what happen. If you go the place like BIHAR people HAS to go and check with private practice doctor because they don’t spend much time in hospital. When patience wants to get treated in hospital because of their financial status doctor refuse to provide them basic health care. Why our Health Minister is mum on such issue want to make India a smoke free nation? Does he lost his ability to deal with such issue want to catch up issues which can bring him name and fame? I guess answer is yes. How much effort he has put to improve “Ayurved” ? This is our legacy , what does our minister do to protect and promote it? Nothing its people like Ramdev who want to teach people about the strength of yoga. This is also being respected worldwide. Chinese learn these art and getting maximum benefit out of it. Look at their gymnast they use the strength of yoga and make their body flexible. Chinese use our strength of Ayurved and promote it far better than we Indian who started it but don’t want to protect it.

Mr. Health Minister its my humble request to look at such issues rather than just going out and teaching people about smoking
I did wrote the same thing on Amitabh Bachchan's blog
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Friday, April 25, 2008

Vodafone Happy To Help - Nice way to say I care for you

A nice way to show bond and care for human being… When Animal can care so much for human need that’s too a small kid then why not we human care and show love for other human. Why so much of ill will for other human? Why can’t we leave in peace and harmony ? Is that so difficult or we made it that difficult? Probably we had made our self so difficult. Until unless we come out vortex of ME we can not have harmony around us. GOD please make our mother full of peace and Harmony.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How to Install VC2.5 on 64bit Operating System

1 Download and install the VMware Virtual Infrastructure 2.5 client until you are promoted with the following error. Do not click Ok yet.


2    While it is sitting in the error message about needing a 32 bit OS find and copy "VMware Infrastructure Client 2.5.msi" in a subdirectory of the system temporary directory. This was a bit tricky as I find Vista's new search to be fast but very hard to really find what I need. :) That being said, you will need to do an Advanced Search and make sure you check the Include non-indexed, hidden, and system files (might be slow) checkbox. Click Search and you should find it as I did:


3 . Make a backup of the "good" VMware Infrastructure Client.msi in case you run into problems with the next couple of steps.

4 . Now it is time to get down and dirty and "hack" the msi file itself. To do this, we need to use a MSI Table Editor. The most common and freely available is Microsoft's ORCA (which stands for "one really cool application"). If you already have ORCA installed then just proceed to the next step but for those of you who do not, you can download ORCA from Once downloaded open the cab file and copy "Orca_Msi.FD66E721_5AA0_41BC_AA26_1EC8F7FA1175" to your desktop and rename it "orca.msi". Then all you need to do is double-click to install.

5 . Follow the onscreen instructions. When you are finished launch ORCA from the Start > Programs Group. Once opened click the Open Folder icon to open the MSI downloaded in the step 2.


6.  Find and select the MSI from step 2 and click Open.


7.  Browse to the InstallExecuteSequence section under Tables and in the right column find and remove the LaunchConditions entry.


Close ORCA and save the newly created MSI file. We are now ready to install the VMware Infrastructure Client.

8. Double-click the newly created custom VMware Infrastructure Client MSI and accept all the defaults to install.


9.  At this point you can run the VMware Infrastructure Client but you will probably run into problems as we need tell Windows to run this application in 32-bit mode. This is done through a really cool utility called "corflags.exe" Corflags.exe is a command line utility that allows you to see if an exe or .dll is meant to run only on a specific platform or under WOW64. You can also use corflags.exe to change the platform status of an .exe or .dll. The latter is what we will be using it for.

10. For more information about corflags.exe please refer to the following two awesome resources:      CorFlags Conversion Tool (CorFlags.exe) - command-line arguments. ·         Josh Williams : Flipping bits on managed images to make them load with the right bitness - For a great explanation of the corflags.exe utility.

11  Corflags.exe is part of the .NET SDK and you can download it at: Download the NET Framework 2.0 Software Development Kit (SDK) (x64).

12.   Once downloaded, browse to: C:\Program Files\Microsoft.NET\SDK\v2.0 64bit\Bin\. In this folder you will find corflags.exe. In order to execute the next step you will need to be in either the " C:\Program Files\Microsoft.NET\SDK\v2.0 64bit\Bin" folder or you need to copy corflags.exe to a directory that is in the current path. I suggest you copy it to C:\Windows. You can always delete it later but it sure will make completing the next step a lot easier. ;)

13  Open to a command prompt and type the following and hit enter.

corflags "C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\Virtual Infrastructure Client\Launcher\VpxClient.exe" /32BIT+


14 You are done. Launch the VMware Infrastructure Client 2.5 and have fun!


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MCS StorageView

Alongside a few other cool tools MightyCare Solutions have released StorageView.
This handy little app will give you visibility of your Virtual Machines’ disk status in a very friendly GUI.
Read all about it here and download it here.

Here is some of the converstation which happened between me and the owner of this tool "Peter Rudolf". He was kind enough to explain me few things about this tool. For us managing a big environment is always a big challange.


What does "How Many Gigabyte you can when you decrease the partition of your VMs" suppose to mean ? Are you trying to show that how much space can be saved ? If that is the case then how does you calculated?


Please notice that the tool make a Snapshot of need Diskspace. I don´t check the needed Space of the virtual Machine periodically. This time ;-)
As the first View off the needed Space for the Virtual Machine I check how many Bytes the virtual Machine has in Use by Data and how many has it free, without data.
After that you can say, ok, my virtual Machine need overall and ever 5 Gigabytes free Diskspace to work. (maybe it is more or less (printqueue or Batchprograms that need temporary space))
If not ( and for that question we need a Scheduling to check every hour or so) you can decrease the partition of the virtual machine to save Storage of the physical LUN (because Physical Storage are expensive), You must also decrease the filesize of the VMDK File of the LUN to save spaces.
The sentence of „ How Many Gigabyte you can when you decrease the partition of your VMs” means, if you decrease the logical Partitions of the Virtualmachine AND decrease the VMDK File on the physical Storage (or the RAW-Devices) you can save Money.
It Calculate the Values per virtual Machine of all logical Partition - Freespace + needed 5 GB (as variable in the Program). In Result it calculate the Summery of all need Space + 5 GB per Log. Volume for need Space for all virtual Machine in the Datacenter.
OR and that is also a result of that, you can save the complete Storage if you using thinprovioning on the LUN.
Example: If you use NFS as a Datastore you only use the spaces on the Datastore that is really needed. Because on NFS VMware store the VMDK File in a COW-Format (copy on Write). A 10 Gigabyte logical Partition with 5 Gigabyte Data has only 5 Gigabyte on a NFS SHARE.

VI Client Plugin Document released by Andrew Kutz

I was exploring beta version of VC2.5 and then found something called “plugin manager” . I played around and found that it is amazing option which VMWare has provided. Then I found a website where you can find nice plugin as well. Thanks to Schley Andrew Kutz who also come up with VMware Infrastructure 3.5 Plugin and Extension Programming Guide - Revision 1 which gives insight to VC plugin programming. Now it seems like even VMWare is made this official
Personally I think the whole VI plugin idea is nothing short of a stroke of genius. What better way to combat the potential for the likes of Microsoft to relegate VirtualCenter to the background by building full VMware infrastructure management into SCVMM, than to open up the VI management framework in such a way. And the architecture... as much as I might accuse VMware's tools of lacking enterprise scalability from time to time, they've absolutely nailed it this time. I mean, look at this (from the document)

I can never write one :)

Trying To Be a Photographer Part6

I was trying to shoot directly into the sun with different combination and permutation but without any luck. During this trial I learned one thing, if you keep your object under exposed (With my DSLR I can go till 1/4000) you can have success. Seems like it is a difficult shot. I also learned that my DSLR has aperture of 5.4F. Not sure if this is OK. When I discussed this my college who is suppose to be a good photographer with SLR told that it is one of the difficult SHOT. He feel may be lens or photographer software can help to get me shot, not sure. I googled and seems like possible. Sounds like I got something to play with J . Let me try this. I got some example from net J

To Bihar's Credit

I myself being bihari would like to read and write about Bihar. Was going through article from and thought of putting comment but mail got bounced so thought let's put it on our own blog and comment myself


Many a times, I get confused. What would have been the right course or the benchmarks for Bihar? What model it must follow? Should Bihar go for one followed by Naidu's Andhra Pradesh?
And then I find the highest incidence of farm indebtedness is in that Andhra Pradesh, the fifth biggest producer of food grains in the country. And I get delighted that the incidence of farm indebtedness is much less found in poverty-stricken Bihar. Bihar's farmers live and work within their means. I am sure the number of suicides and deaths due to starvation too must be least in Bihar.
And I am told of the huge number of engineering colleges that AP built. I get morose and start envying AP again but the next moment I read a report of a great beginning on education front at the grass-root levels in Bihar. I feel elated.
"In an overdrive, Bihar has recruited 2,00,000 teachers, 50 per cent of them women, and built 65,000 classrooms in less than two years. The state is also setting up more model schools to impart vocational training in the secondary schools. In fact, there are around 35 model schools/basic schools in West Champaran district alone that seek to impart skills like tailoring and computer-aided learning along with the school curriculum. What is really significant is that Bihar has taken the lead in providing vocational skills in the secondary school level. Pratham has started teaching applied arithmetic and computer application to former child labourers now going to local schools."
"From 21.5 lakh students out of school in Bihar, the number has declined to less than 9.5 lakh. One big reason for Bihar's success is the government seeking the help of organizations like the Idar-e-Shariat, Muslim Pasmanda Mahaj and Din-i-Talim to provide bridge courses to Muslim girls, who accounted for 60 per cent of the 14-16 year age group that is not in school." The state is taking all assistance from Pratham and UNICEF, and is not depending on the inspector raj of its education department.
I do also feel great when I hear about the Bihar's revolutionary step in bringing in the maximum number of women in democratic system. For record at least, India has more elected women representatives than all other countries put together and Bihar is in the forefront. According to the Ministry of Panchayati , "No less than 10 lakh women are in our panchayati raj (local self-government) institutions, comprising 37 per cent of all those elected and rising to as high as 54 per cent in Bihar, which has 50 per cent reservation for women." Women's empowerment is getting a new resonance in an underdeveloped Bihar district. Kishanganj, which didn't have a district hospital till a few years back, is witnessing a revolution with an NGO teaching reproductive and sexual healthcare to teenage girls in a madarsa.
I knew the miserable conditions of the teachers and students of the unaided schools and colleges in Bihar. How much of potential human resources were getting wasted? But then Nitish comes with some unique ideas and gives a new hope to those schools and their teachers. I wish the teachers appreciate and cooperate rather than taking political advantages.
However, no one can have any excuse about the miserable conditions of some sub-castes of deprived Dalits. According to a rough estimate, there are some 20-lakh Dalit children in Bihar who are not enrolled in schools despite the SSA scheme. I really get totally drained off. But I find again something that makes me hopeful after finding a statement right from Krishna Kumar, officer on special duty at the Raj Bhavan, Patna: "About 1,000 children in the age group of five to seven and belonging to the Musahar community will be adopted and enrolled in government schools soon."
But with all the stories of some glimpses of hope, I hardly find any big projects coming up in Bihar. All the proposals for setting up the factories and enterprises in Bihar seem to be non-starters.
Despite high hopes of an improved investment in Bihar under Nitish Kumar, the state did not see much improvement in 2007 compared to 2002. Per capita investment rose to Rs 3,145 from Rs 3,080. Surprisingly, Bihar had performed better in the previous five years. Per capita investment had risen from Rs 959 in 1997 to Rs 3,145 in 2002.
The government must have right people who can focus on the task of attracting investment in the state. Nitish Kumar must find some effective assistants or if necessary hire some from private sector, who can concentrate on the task of building Bihar's sugar industry, food and fruit processing industry, or handicrafts. He can pick up some real genius from among his bureaucrats who can take the tourism in Bihar to the level of Rajasthan.
Nitish must be a little more aggressively ambitious about the development of Bihar. Nitish can certainly create modern Nalanda and Vikramshila. As Buddha is building IT strength of Calcutta, and Naidu built Hyderabad, Nitish can also build Patna, and Gaya as IT hub. The educated young men of Bihar will expect at least this much from him. Nitish can rejuvenate the glory of ancient Bihar in metal sector. Nitish must offer to the honest investors something more than what other states are offering. No one will come unless they find the state a better destination. And Nitish must make his men realize this. I wonder if Nitish has that will or wish to become a path breaker from Bihar's political tradition of very low orders.
Unfortunately, Nitish might have established himself politically, but have not been able to bring about the changes in infrastructures and administration that can allure the investors in big way. And sometimes I wonder if he would have been satisfied himself with his achievements. For me, and may be for many, it is an opportunity lost and hopes belied.
Bihar perhaps will have to wait further for a ruthless aggressive leader who makes Bihar turnaround to get into the league of developed states.

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The exodus: After Army, top scientists quit Govt

Sometimes back IBN live posted this article on their website and I thought of commenting on for that post. But IBN did not wanted to post my view since they wanted to show people what they wants. So I thought of copying the entire content and write my own view on my own blog. These news channel act like a mafia and in the name of freedom they have their own way of exploiting this. Its more of a business for them rather than serving quality news for millions of viewers.
Here is the source <<>>

New Delhi: After successes like Prithvi, Nag, Agni III and interceptor missiles, the Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) is in a state of crisis and that too in its golden jubilee year.
This time it is manpower in the country's premier research organisation that stands threatened. At least 1,106 scientists have quit the DRDO in the last five years, taking the attrition rate to a shocking over 15 per cent in 2008 from 6.3 per cent earlier.
“It’s not a crisis, but the situation needs close monitoring and steps that can stop this trend,” Chairman of the recruitment division in DRDO, Dr K V Raghavan said.
On an average the DRDO is losing at least 500 young scientists every year from a pool of 2,500. And the loss is a gain for private research organisations whose higher salaries the DRDO can't match.
The worst hit is its young brigade. Scientists at the B and C level are all under 35 and they have been trained for three to five years by the DRDO.
“The number of scientists available for one billion people is too little. We are losing scientists to better opportunities in terms of money in the private sector,” Chief Controller, Research and Development, Dr W Selvamurthy said.
So the DRDO is adopting desperate measures now. This year onwards the DRDO will be recruiting 800 scientists every year to balance the exit. An extra 400 over is the usual intake.
It is also aggressively pursuing on-campus recruitments at IITs, deemed universities and engineering colleges across the country. On offer are research fellowships and share in the money earned from patents and research. DRDO is also wooing NRI researchers to join the organisation.
Meanwhile, it is also working on building a better image.
For the DRDO slogans like patriotism and pride can no longer attract scientists to its fold or keep them back. It has to first convince the Government of the need to have indigenous defence technology and provide better opportunities, only then will it manage to woo talent and guarantee good research work.

Here is what I have to say and did not want to publish this

Its shame for country like India, where we can not have Big Brain serving for our own country. Well we can not blame those people who leave such job and work for private firm. Look at the inflation rate, can those people survive? They have family to take care of, they need to send their kid for higher education. They want to buy house to securer future of their kid. Can they do with their job at DRDO? I really doubt. On other side look at those Bureaucrats and Politician who is sucking all the hard earned money of tax payers. People like Mayawati who spend corers of rupee on their personal security. Our PM want to buy plane like Airforce one. Do we have to compete with US? US president deserve Airforce one because they care and work for their people welfare. One American killed in any part of the world and see how American react. Can our PM do like that ? Do we care for human life? No we don't . One rapist rape a minor and enjoy a escort free life because court case which will continue till minor become old. Then why we should spend so much of money in buying Airforce one. We do not care for our PM , let him get assassinated we will get thousand of them. There are many close friend of PM who might be praying for him to die so that they can become PM. Is it funny ? No it is not funny. What do you think why Rajiv Gandhi was killed ? Because LTTE does not like him ? No it was Congress who wanted him to be killed so that they can get sympathy vote and form a government. We can spend corers of rupee on our cricket fan by bringing crap like IPL and ICL but we can not do anything for our Big and bright brain because we don't have any personal gain. These all explain we don't care for human value. So why do we care if we loose those big brain to MNC? They are also human being like politician. They also have to survive. They joining MNC does not mean that they do not love their mother INDIA, they very well DO.

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Trying To Be a Photographer Part4

Canon Lens Aging - How Old Is That Lens?

Beside the rear lens element of many (but not all) Canon lenses is a date code (as seen above) in the form of "UR0902". This code is also present on many other Canon products including camera bodies.

The first letter, "U", indicates that the lens was made in Canon's Utsunomiya, Japan factory. Prior to 1986, this letter is moved to the last position of the date code.

U = Utsunomiya, Japan
F = Fukushima, Japan
O = Oita, Japan

The second letter, "R", is a year code that indicates the year of manufacture. Canon increments this letter each year starting with A in 1986 and prior to that, A in 1960 without the leading factory code. Here is a table to make things simple:

A = 1986, 1960
B = 1987, 1961
C = 1988, 1962
D = 1989, 1963
E = 1990, 1964
F = 1991, 1965
G = 1992, 1966
H = 1993, 1967
I = 1994, 1968
J = 1995, 1969
K = 1996, 1970
L = 1997, 1971
M = 1998, 1972
N = 1999, 1973
O = 2000, 1974
P = 2001, 1975
Q = 2002, 1976
R = 2003, 1977
S = 2004, 1978
T = 2005, 1979
U = 2006, 1980
V = 2007, 1981
W = 2008, 1982
X = 2009, 1983
Y = 2010, 1984
Z = 2011, 1985

* assumption of continuation being made for future years.

The first two numbers, "09", is the month number the lens was manufactured in. Month 02 is February, month 11 = November. The leading zero of the month code is sometimes omitted.

The next two numbers, "02", are meaningless in determining how old a Canon lens is. This is a Canon internal code (that is occasionally omitted).

You now know the manufacture date for your lens - But - You cannot know how long the lens was in inventory, in shipping transit and on a shelf until it was originally purchased (without having the original receipt or a reputable person accurately informing you).

The Canon lens date code in the sample picture indicates that this Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L Lens (I know because I took the picture - not from the date code) was made in Utsunomiya, Japan in September 2003.

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Clone/Copy Citrix PS4.5 Member Server in VMWARE ESX3

Use this manual to clone or copy CPS 4.0 or CPS 4.5 servers in a VMWare ESX3 environment
1. Logon as local administrator.
2. Set the “Citrix Independent Management Architecture” service to disabled in services.
3. Delete all locally stored user profiles.
4. Run the drive cleanup wizard on all drives and remove all temporary and recycled files.
5. Delete the server name from the WSID value of C:\Program Files\Citrix\Independent Management Architecture\MF20.DSN
6. Ensure file system is clear of all unnecessary files.
7. Copy Sysprep for Windows 2003 to C:\Temp.
8. Run Sysprep. Choose the option to seal for end user distribution (not factory mode). Also set system to reboot.
Perform the following after cloning the image ;

1. Run through Windows 2003 mini-setup and fill in all of the requested details. Reboot when complete
2. Add the server name into the WSID value of C:\Program Files\Citrix\Independent Management Architecture\MF20.DSN
3. Set the “Citrix Independent Management Architecture” service start-up type to “Automatic” (do not start the service).
5. Modify the following registry values:-
change value “ServerHost” to “[newservername]”
b. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AppID\{BBBF5400-E091-11D8-AD76-005056C00008} – (note: this subkey may be alphanumerically different- you may need to search for Ctx_SmaUser to find the correct sub key) change value “RunAs” to “ [newservername]\Ctx_SmaUser” (PS4 Only)
c. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\XTEConfig Change DefaultICAAddress to server’s IP.
6. Edit %ProgramFiles%\Citrix\System32\CtxSta.config and change the “UID” field to a random value.
7. Check Page File values are correct.
8. Reboot.

Source :

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Hyper-V (Quick migration) vs VMWare (Vmotion)

Hyper – V “Quick migration” uses MSCS for migration where as VMWare based “VMotion” has its own technique of making a copy of active memory and that’s why user does not looses connectivity to the virtual machine. Same thing beautifully explained in following blogs by “Mike DiPetrillo”

VMWare represent this on one of his video. It seems like Hyper-V “Quick migration” can still work if we try with VM’s of small size ?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Virtual Center 2.0.1 refresh issue

Today one of college who also happen to work on VMWare side was trying to define the path for snapshot file to a different location other than VM’s home directory. He was following the instruction on our internal wiki which instructed him to shut down the VM’s and then edit the VMX file. Once the file was edited then he was instructed by wiki to unregister the VM’s and then reregister it. He did exactly and then he lost control over the VM. He lost the option of unregistering from the VC. When we had look from VC we have option to shut the VM and also restarting the VM .When we tried that option we got a message “This VM is already shut down”. So we thought lets try it from console and we got some soap error . Tried unregistering VM and we got the message “there is no such VM”. We then thought lets try to stop VM forcibly using “vmware-cmd stop force “ and that did not help. So we restarted all the “vpx” and “hostd” agent on the host and this did not help as well. I told college of mine let me sit at my cubi and check some other option (as if there were some knowledge GOD around). Humm yeah sometime it really work once I sit on my chair (hehehe). When I looked through my VC I have all the option (Was there Knowledge GOD around ?). I unregistered the VM from the VC and was able to reregister it without any error message. I went back to his desk and told him see it is working. He was like Vikash what magic you did ? I told nothing my Knowledge GOD helped me J . It was just a refresh issue with VC. We have oversubscribed the VC(current version 2.1 support 100 host). If my college would have logged of and logged back in it should have work. More of process on our internal wiki has to fixed to when you are trying to make changes in VMX file make sure you unregister the VM first and then make changes. Once the changes is completed then reregister it back.

Trying To Be a Photographer Part3

About F-Stop

When I was trying to explore more about DSLR I came across the F-STOP from one of the blog . Some one wrote the comment about F-STOP like this
What is meant by f-stop?
A. The focal length of the lens divided by the diameter of the aperture (as seen from the front). It is also called an f-number, and is written like f/8, which means the aperture diameter is 1/8th the focal length.
The term is used both in regard to the maximum aperture of a lens and in regard to the aperture selected in a specific situation. The brightness of the image on the film is inversely proportional to the f-number squared. The depth of field increases but diffraction is worsened when using a large f-number. The effective f-number for all 3 effects changes if the lens is focused extremely close. The term "stops" purportedly comes from old technology in which the aperture was selected by turning a wheel with various sized holes in it, each one of which let in twice the light of the preceding one. Thus the phrase "open up a N stops" means to change to an aperture allowing in 2^N times as much light, and conversely with "stop down N stops".

Sounds a little more plausible than "fenestra", doesn't it?
Then other guy explained in more interesting way

After searching on this for hours, I have to go with it being a math equation for Focal Length ("F") over ("/") diameter. A lens with 14 inch "focus" (focal length) which is four inches in diameter he is talking about an f /3.5 lens -- (14 / 4) = 3.5 It's origins appear to go back to the mid 1800's and was used in a letter from Irving Pobboravsky to John William Draper. In it, he gave the above formula with an accompanying detailed explanation of what the F/ on the new lens stood for ("focal length over diamter").

This is what I read in a magazine recently. The f stands for fraction of the focus length of the lens. In the old days when a 50mm lens really was 50mm physically, an f/2 is an aperture 1/2 the size of the focal length (not sure its diameter or what).So for the same light gathering power, ie same f stop: f/2 of a 50mm lens, the aperture has to be 25mm large f/2 of a 200mm lens, the aperture has to be 100mm large Of course modern optics meant focal lengths no longer need to have a direct relation to the physical size. The f number is now only a indication of light gathering power. However, a longer lens still requires a larger aperture than a shorter lens, which is why it fast telephoto lenses costs so much

Trying To Be a Photographer Part2

Finally I started learning photography. When I was in collage (1995-1999), I shot some nice photographs and my friend told I do nice photography. Humm may be from that time I got interested in photography. Let me think if that is true NO. That is not true , from my childhood I was interested in nature. I love to watch sky and greenery surrounding me. I love to watch sunset touching lake near my house. Yeah may be that time I developed some interest. We got our first camera Casio and I started trying my skill with that. Not much luck and then my brother bought a camera accidentally, how? that is another story. But it was a nice SONY powershot camera. I tried my little luck with that. When I got my job I always dream of buying a expensive camera using which I can try my talent (If I have any). When my room mate bough a manual SLR , I got little more inspired by looking at that SLR camera. I am not sure if I ever shot any nice photo with that manual SLR. In 2007 we were expecting our baby and my wife wanted me to buy a nice camera so that we can capture all the memorable moment of our new baby. So I gave this job to my wife to do some research and let me know what she understood. I can not claim that my wife is equally talented as me J but I have to admit that she sometime shoot a nice shot. I already had made up my mind to go only for DSLR. My wife chooses CANON Digital Rebel XTi which was a basic model from CANON in DSLR series and finally we bought that. I am not sure for past one year I am using and still trying to learn. Downloaded couple of CBT J (Yeah they have CBT for this) to learn it and I even knew that this is not something which you can learn from CBT. But to know the DSLR you need to understand terminology like ISO,Noise, Exposure, Zoom, Overexposed etc. Then I came to know college of mine knew photography well and was using same DSLR as mine. One more distance college was an amateur photographer who was using EOS and was using lens. I started talking to those guys as a beginner and they were very helpful to make me understand some basic (which I was missing). I thought it is a good opportunity to learn and try to develop my hidden skill ( hahahaha.) . I got so imbaraced when friend of mine ask what does SLR stand for (hahaha). Not that I did not know but I could not recall. So thought let me put this thing one my blog and tell who ever ask full form of SLR. Yes SLR stands for single-lens reflex.

Currently I am owning CANON Digital Rebel XTi/Tripod Stand/EFS18-55mm lens/2GB Compact Flash (CF) card from Kingston/. Now the question how should I proceed further? May be I continue watching some CBT and reading some nice blog. How should I start collecting my all arms and ammunition to enhance my hidden skill (Stop making fun of me)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Imagine! Kenya sings for India

There are people in INDIA who don't want to sing this song because it is against their religion. Now its time for them to learn from this video, here people are not from same country but different country and they don’t have any restriction singing this song then why we being Indian have such restriction. Isn’t it so hurting? Person who wrote wanted to bring India under one umbrella without any religion or cast but now our politician and people who claim themselves as a lone protector of religion are creating these difference.

About This Video Leading film-makers are seeking to change the way we think about other countries. This is one of a powerful series of films to be shown on Pangea Day, May 10, "the day the world comes together thr...
Added: April 04, 2008
Leading film-makers are seeking to change the way we think about other countries. This is one of a powerful series of films to be shown on Pangea Day, May 10, "the day the world comes together through film". See all four anthems. Then visit and register your screening for May 10. It's time to imagine a different world.




Producer Mario Zvan

Producer Jim Shamoon

Director Bob Nyanja

Production Manager Hemal Shah

Production Coordinator Shiv Mandavia

Production Assistant Consolata Karani

Production Assistant Phylis Andika

Production Accountant Catherine Mumbua

Assistant Director Tosh Gitonga

Location Manager Yayha Chavanga

Director of Photography Martin Munyua

Combined flags provided by conceptual artist Mariano Favetto

Choir Coordinator Maggie Kiundi

Camera Assistant Kevin Ouma

Best Boy Lighting Francis Ouma

Electrician Ezekiel Andika

Key Grip Jackie Tella

Crane Grip Steve Obunde

Assistant Grip Ken Omutimba

Sound Recordist Lee Smith

Wardrobe Coordinator Sophie Oprisanu

Wardrobe Assistant Chris Kariuki

Unit Coordinator Patrick Musyimi

Unit Assistant Wycliff Obote

Unit Assistant Joel Karo

Editor Philip Murugi

Driver Lawrence Macharia

Driver George Atsiaya

Driver Ferdinand Yeswa

Driver Mwangi D.

Driver Mbugwa D.


Geoffrey Mukoto

Esther Nyandia Kariuki

Violet Muhonjia Ingosi

Urbanus Kioko Octavy

Jane Wandi Wanjira Njeru

Mathew Muriuki Githinji

James Kagwimah

Brenda N. Munyasia

Marietta Mwamachi

Rosemary Nyongai

Stephan Okoth

Mary Mwende Mutua

Liboyi Paul Nganyi

Justus Mutua

David Mumanga

Dorcas Akinyi

Agatha Nafula

Abbyserah W. Kiruri

Scholastica Ngolanie (less)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Beauty of Nature - Place around Pune

100 kms from PUNE

Funny Video

One of my friend sent me this a nice one :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Windows Server Core - CoreConfigurator to the rescue

If you need to configure Server Core to get your installation up and running but you're nota command-line expert then check CoreConfigurator.
Guy Teverovsky, Windows Server MVP, comes to rescue with a simple GUI utility to do all thehard work for you.

CoreConfigurator Features:
Product Activation
Configuration of display resolution
Clock and time zone configuration
Remote Desktop configuration
Management of local user accounts (creation, deletion, group membership, passwords)
Firewall configuration
WinRM configuration
IP configuration
Computer name and domain/workgroup membership
Installation of Server Core features/roles

Here's a screenshot of the main screen:

VMware: VC Roles & Permissions

When you are migrating VC from one version to other in a complex environment it would be very tough to keep track of roles and permissions for various users.

René vd Linden at has released a excel sheet that can be used to document and update roles and permissions in VC.
It looks very easy and straight forward.

Getting cpu info for VMotion

Richard Garsthagen owner of has written beautiful tool which can get CPU info for VMotion. To find if your server is compatible for VMotion or not you need to go to ESX install CD and run cpuid.iso. But this tool will allow you to communicate with your virtual center and get all the information for VMotion compatable host

Interested in knowing if all your physical ESX servers are the same? VMotion Info will help you find out. The application gathers the important system information from your hosts and puts this in one single overview. It’s my first written VB application, so sorry for the looks
At the Login screen just provide your username, password and the IP/DNS of your Virtual Center.

After the login, the program will collect from all hosts the Vendor, Model, CPU Types and the CPU feature bits.

After you have the overview, you can easily cut and paste it into Excel and make some nice reports or so
Version History:
1.00 - First release, show raw data only
1.01 - This release translates the actual raw data to what CPU features are available
1.02 - Fixed an error when servers are found that are not licensed yet
1.03 - Improved error trapping
1.05 - Added functionality to change the VC port number
Download VMotionInfo

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Battle at Kruger

Battle at Kruger
This is one of the best video shot which explain if you are united nothing is impossible. It convey many messages but what I like most about this video is you can fight back with all odd in your life if you have a faith in yourself. Buffalo wanted to survive and he did. If you are good leader you will have many follower.
It is awsome video.

How to check/Update the VMtools on Virtual Machine

Rob from has written beautiful tool using VI SDK and called it RV TOOLS. It looks really cool

RVTools is a small .NET 2.0 application which uses the VI SDK to display the version of the installed VMware tools.It also shows if the tools are upgradeable. The button "Upgrade VMware Tools" starts an UpgradeTools_Task for every selected VM. If you think this is useful information please download the application, try it and let me know by mail what you think about it. You can find my email address in the help, about box of the application.Note: This application only supports ESX Server 3.x, VirtualCenter 2.x and ESX Server 3i.

Download now