Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hyper-V (Quick migration) vs VMWare (Vmotion)

Hyper – V “Quick migration” uses MSCS for migration where as VMWare based “VMotion” has its own technique of making a copy of active memory and that’s why user does not looses connectivity to the virtual machine. Same thing beautifully explained in following blogs by “Mike DiPetrillo” http://mikedatl.typepad.com/mikedvirtualization/2008/04/part-i-quick-mi.html
and http://mikedatl.typepad.com/mikedvirtualization/2008/04/part-ii-quick-m.html

VMWare represent this on one of his video. It seems like Hyper-V “Quick migration” can still work if we try with VM’s of small size ?

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