Tuesday, April 22, 2008

VI Client Plugin Document released by Andrew Kutz

I was exploring beta version of VC2.5 and then found something called “plugin manager” . I played around and found that it is amazing option which VMWare has provided. Then I found a website where you can find nice plugin as well. Thanks to Schley Andrew Kutz who also come up with VMware Infrastructure 3.5 Plugin and Extension Programming Guide - Revision 1 which gives insight to VC plugin programming. Now it seems like even VMWare is made this official
Personally I think the whole VI plugin idea is nothing short of a stroke of genius. What better way to combat the potential for the likes of Microsoft to relegate VirtualCenter to the background by building full VMware infrastructure management into SCVMM, than to open up the VI management framework in such a way. And the architecture... as much as I might accuse VMware's tools of lacking enterprise scalability from time to time, they've absolutely nailed it this time. I mean, look at this (from the document)

I can never write one :)

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