Saturday, April 12, 2008

Virtual Center 2.0.1 refresh issue

Today one of college who also happen to work on VMWare side was trying to define the path for snapshot file to a different location other than VM’s home directory. He was following the instruction on our internal wiki which instructed him to shut down the VM’s and then edit the VMX file. Once the file was edited then he was instructed by wiki to unregister the VM’s and then reregister it. He did exactly and then he lost control over the VM. He lost the option of unregistering from the VC. When we had look from VC we have option to shut the VM and also restarting the VM .When we tried that option we got a message “This VM is already shut down”. So we thought lets try it from console and we got some soap error . Tried unregistering VM and we got the message “there is no such VM”. We then thought lets try to stop VM forcibly using “vmware-cmd stop force “ and that did not help. So we restarted all the “vpx” and “hostd” agent on the host and this did not help as well. I told college of mine let me sit at my cubi and check some other option (as if there were some knowledge GOD around). Humm yeah sometime it really work once I sit on my chair (hehehe). When I looked through my VC I have all the option (Was there Knowledge GOD around ?). I unregistered the VM from the VC and was able to reregister it without any error message. I went back to his desk and told him see it is working. He was like Vikash what magic you did ? I told nothing my Knowledge GOD helped me J . It was just a refresh issue with VC. We have oversubscribed the VC(current version 2.1 support 100 host). If my college would have logged of and logged back in it should have work. More of process on our internal wiki has to fixed to when you are trying to make changes in VMX file make sure you unregister the VM first and then make changes. Once the changes is completed then reregister it back.

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