Friday, June 5, 2009

First Cut feature of ESX host 4.0

As I mention in my last note that I am installing vSphare ESX4.0 . Since I am not installing any vSphare CenterI decided to download the agent and use it for the time being to find out what all has been changed.

1, First change I noticed after installing vSphare agent that it allow you to login with current credential.

2. As soon as you login you get nice inventory panel to explore

3. Then I found very interesting thing. You can view logs (click on System Logs as shown above) under /var/log/vmware

4. You can do almost everything using this interface whereas earlier if you bypass virtual center server you have limited feature. One this I found that you have plugin available by Hyper9 and Andrew. Its same Andrew who has created storage vmotion plugin. Hyper9 give you nice little reflection and it is freely available on Hyper9 website. This plugin also work with VC2.5. One thing I also notice about spelling of Plugin, vmware spelled it as plug-in J

This is how your vm’s will look like if you have Hyper9 client installed. If it is windows host it will show MS symbol and if it is Linux it will show Linux symbol

5. They have improved the summary page

6. Console memory has increased from 272MB to 500MB as default.

7. Networking helps you to enable IPV6

8. Storage adapter also list your local ESX CD ROM . Not sure the reason but looks very interesting

9. New interesting feature called Advance setting. Not sure reason for this but looks very interesting

10. Licensing feature also looks very interesting

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