Sunday, June 7, 2009

When Interviewer does not know their own stuff like Capacity Planner is Free?

I keep attending technical interview for various reason. I came across an interviewer who happens to be a working with big Indian MNC and who was interviewing me on VMware technologies. I don't claim myself as a "punter" but I assume I know my stuff to some extent.

He asked me if I have used capacity planner. To this I told yes I have used but in conjunction with VMWare TAM since these are paid service. He told CP is free. Well it is free but you can not use its functionality until you paid for this service. Which means you can download and install but won't be able to explore what it is suppose to do. I was absolutely correct

I wrote to and this is what they have to say

"Yes, Capacity Planner is a free product but in order to get it you must attend the 2 day instructor led course which is not free. Retail cost is $1495. Please speak with a sales rep in order to see about a lesser price."

Please find the URL which explains the same

He then asked me what does the VMware recommend for lun size? I told VMware does not recommend any lun size. It's storage vendor who provide recommendation. And it make sense because that's vendor who represent lun, vmware just provide interface. This was discussed here

To this he started telling it is mention under best practice document from VMware . GOD why people want to prove themselves? This is just a interview and you are interviewing a person. It may happen that he knows stuff more than you but that does not mean that you will try to misdirect him. I really don't care for such person and neither would I like to work with such person.

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