Saturday, August 15, 2009

Administrator can not see datacenter after No Access role assigned on it

I created new datacenter for testing purpose and gave “Administrator” “No Access” . After this even I being a Administrator at the “Host & Cluster ” level even was not able to see it . To fix such situation we have two resolution method

Resolution #1

If the permission was modified for a user or group (as long as it was not the administrators group):

This is by design that the local administrator/member of local admin group of Virtual Center does have admin level privilege on VC.

1. Create a new user that is a member of the local administrators group for temporary use

2. Log in with this user.

3. Modify the permissions of the user so that they are no longer as restrictive. You can now log in to VirtualCenter appropriately.

SQL method:

Since I have changed the Administrator privilege on datacenter , fist method will not work and then only SQL method will work

  1. Login to the SQL server for virtual center and lunch SQL server Management Studio

  1. Connect to the SQL server based on WINDOWS Authentication

  1. Expand Database ->VMwareVirtualCenter -> Tables.

  1. Search for Tables called VPX_ACCESS tables ,select and right click on it “Open Table”

  1. Check for the column “ROLE_ID” and see the value is -1 for Principle called “Administrator”. If the value is other than -1 then change it to -1 .Close the Database and then restart virtual Center service

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