Thursday, May 13, 2010

My new Job with New MacBook Pro

After I joined Citrix they gave me new Mac Pro. I have never used MAC in my life and was finding difficult to operate. Finally I found nice Youtube song

Citrix provisioning server cool video

Citrix has acquired a company called Ardence in the year 2006 which used to provide streaming solution. Citrix rebranded it and called it as Provisioning server (PVS)for desktops. What the PVS does is stream the OS to the desktop after authentication from AD. This desktop can be bare metal. I found a cool video demonstrating the same

New Job!!!

On May 7th I quit Infosys after working for 5.6 years. It had been longest time I have spent with any organization in my 10.6 years. It was a great experience working with company like Infosys.
On 10th of May I joined Citrix as a Principal consultant. Yes you have heard correctly I have joined Citrix. I guess I should know all the aspect of virtualization including hyper-V. I strongly believe that , to become virtualization consultant you should also know about other solution offering. I will be based out of Bangalore Citrix office.
Please do keep enjoy reading my blog but you may find more stuff related to Citrix J
Happy Blogging and Happy Reading