Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to Change XenServer (6.0.2) pool IP address.

Prior to XenServer 6.0 if you have to change the pool IP address there were few steps need to be followed from CLI but with 6.0 and above it has been made simpler . How check this out:

1. I got two XS pool where I need to move both host from IP address to other IP address. Get the console access and then select the following from xsconsole


This will bring warning window


Select the interface and hit OK


Choose the static mode to re-ip the host


For the slave you will get following option


Finally it will prompt you reboot , make sure you reboot the pool master first and then all the slave. This needs to be done simultaneously .



Anonymous said...

Thanks! I wasn't sure what that'd do, but we're back up and running now!

Vikash Kumar Roy said...

Good to know