Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to test ISCSI speed and capture trace for ISCSI nic on XenServer

In this blog I am going to talk about test throughput of ISCSI lun and then capture the packet on storage interface. Later on these packets can be open via wireshark.


In the above example first do find out lun which is currently mapped by running ll /dev/mapper. In my case it is the first one .

Now use the command to read the file size of 10MB *100 time which is like 1GB of date read from the lun . At the same time run tcpdump command on the same XenServer (Basically two ssh session ) on nic which is connected to the storage sub system . In my case it is xenbr8 . This can also be determined by running "route " command.

Do the same to determine  write speed . There would be two .pcap file under root which you can import using winscp and latter can be open via wireshark . When it open via wireshark it shows complete path for packet transfer


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