Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DHCP failover scope : Please delete the scope from the relationship

I was trying to remove scope and it was throwing error “Scope is part of failover relationship . Please delete the scope from the relationship” image

I tried removing from the scope but there were no option to do so.


If one has to remove the failover scope, it has to be done from IPV4 properties and Failover


After removing the relationship , I also have to do the same from secondary server as well. Post which I was able to remove the scope without any issue.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Do you mean that I have to delete the failover relationship from IPv4 properties (which will lead to delete all the scopes in the partner server) after that I can remove the scope that I want by right click on it and select delete...

What about the option deconfigure failover which appear by right clicking on the scope !!! is it deconfiguring on one current scope level or for all scopes in the failover relationship.

Many thanks for your answers.