Thursday, June 18, 2015

Decoding VMWare orgies over latest IDC report

Someone forwarded me this tweet and again it compelled me to write this blog. So let’s analyze this tweet and as well as report from IDC


First look at Mr. P tweet where he quoted Mr. D . Ok so you don’t know Mr. D ? Mr. D is ex-Citrite  and was part of  VP Marketing as per his linkedin profile and I don’t need to explain what people do as part of product marketing.

Coming to Mr. P his tweet suggest that VMW is creating sensation in EUC market . Last time he tweeted similar lie and my blog exposed his lie. So lets start finding detail about on IDC chart. Ok so who is IDC and in their own word :


This “IDC MarketScape : Worldwide Virtual Client Computing Software 2015 Vendor Assessment” written by “Robert Young and David Laing ”. So who is Robert Young ? Now as per linkedin Robert Young was HelpDesk personal prior to joining IDC and at IDC his profile is


Before we get into detail lets find out David Laing profile. David Laing as per linkedin is working with IDC for last 9 month and prior to joining IDC he was program manager for some call center I guess . As per IDC his profile is


So a person with 9 month experience doing assessment of a solution which has been market leader for past 25 years ? Seriously IDC you couldn’t find right resource for evaluation? 

Now since I know the author , I don’t have to get into detail  on parameters, area and other details used to conclude  this assessment . Irrespective of what vendor, VDI AKA virtual desktop is a solution to virtualize end user experience and I don’t think any TOM/ DICK or  HARRY can not do the evaluation without experience.

So Mr. P enjoy your ORGIES till it last