Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How to commit the snapshot offline

I open the parent vmdk file with nano:

then made note of CID value to be used in delta vmdk reference.

I also made note of the LUN UUID under /vmfs/volumes/xxx-xxx-xxx/SRV01 because it is reference by the delta(child) vmdk file

then i opened the snapshot delta(child) vmdk file with nano:

Made sure the ParendCID match the parent initial vmdk file.
The line in the delta vmdk file referening to location of parent must be referening to correct UUID, I had my initial EVA LUN's and new EVA 8000 LUN presented and these UUID's changed thus it could not locate the parent disk.

then i used vmkfstools -i to commit or called clone the delta and parent vmdk file into single vmdk file with all changes into one.
"vmkfstools -i SRV01-000010.vmdk /vmfs/volumes/xxx-xxx-xxx/SRV01-version2/NewDisk1.vmdk

SRV01-000010.vmdk is the meta data file it does not contain actual data the file SRV01-000010-delta.vmdk contains the data and in the meta data file it referes to the parent vmdk file and this is how it nows which 2 files to combine and make into on new file call NewDisk1.vmdk at new folder location.

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