Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Dream VCP

I started learning VMWare without having clue about it. When I spend around one year I got interest in it. I got opportunity to work for my current client from onsite and asked for my interested technology by my client team leader. Without failing I told VMWare and she also offer me performance monitoring (It was new team formed ). I told OK for both since this was a great opportunity to learn and develop my skill set. At the same time VMWare infrastructure was getting upgraded to new version from ESX2.X to VI3. As soon as I placed into VMWare team I was given complete overview of infrastructure and then asked to draw it on VISIO. I completed my visio drawing and got good feedback for it. This boosted my confidence and then I started play around the technology more. Only draw back for me was less exposure to Linux and shell scripting. I can understand shell scripting but could write one. But I never felt any trouble with that. I focused more on learning technology rather than scripting. I became one of the active team members for the VMWare and started getting involved into some key decision. I also got some more understanding about SAN infrastructure. After we successfully completed our migration to VI3 client were ready for some VMWare classroom training as they were having some credit for training. I got a option to do that training. Trainer was directly from VMWare. I completed my training by 14th December 2007 and was ready for my certification. After going through all those training material

password: vcp

I gave my exam on 25th of Jan 2008 and completed with 98%. Ahaaa I missed out by 2% J . While going to test center I escape one accident because of some crazy driver. Exam center in charge told take your own time since these exam take long time. I told OK since I thought he may be have more idea about such exam. I completed my exam in 30 minute and went to him to collect my score card. He told just before you guy failed with 67% do you know him. I told you can pass my number and ask him to call me ,if he need any help . Thanks GOD that I am now VCP (VMWARE CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL).

Same day I went to meet my friend in LA/SAN JOSE .

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vaseemjaveed said...

Hi the link for VCP training material is no more usefull since it has been removed kindly upload once and share the link , hoping best response from your side thank you