Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not able to connect to network Share

After implementing VLAN trunking users run into strange problem. They were getting following error message when try to get share using UNC path \\<machine name>\c$ .


I have started following services and perform these action

1. Computer Browser

2. DNS

3. netlogin

4. Reinstall File and print services.

5. Reinstall TCP/IP

But none of this was helping. I checked again with network engineer and they told every thing is fine from VLAN prospective. Some user told they are and some were not. I mean I was not able to understand why some can and why some can not. This has something to do with network. When I moved to different VLAN UNC path started working. After discussion with Network guy we came to conclusion that VLAN was used for different purpose and may have some access list which might be blocking RPC server. But now user came with different problem while doing RDP


I was wondering now what went wrong and here came the answer from VMWare Community so I did the following

1. Remove it from the domain

2. Uninstall the VMtools. If you try to uninstall before removing it from the Domain you will get all kind of wired messages.

3. Join back the domain.

4. Reinstall the tool using costume method. There is also some issue with full install of VM tool

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iguy said...

This sounds more like an issue with DNS/WINS resolution. Is there a WINS server on the network? Is the routing correct between the Domain & the server in question?