Thursday, August 28, 2008


Little Gratitude Towards The Flood Victims Of Bihar

When BIHAR is suffering from nature fury all these media’s are busy selling some cheap story. No one has shown their gratitude towards the people of BIHAR. If Rahul Gandhi tells that one person is suffering from drought, people start pouring money. When one singer dies entire Punjab cries. Having said this I did not mean any offence to these people. But why are we so insensitive towards the people of BIHAR? Are they all criminals ? They are also human being like rest of us. Media only like to sell the rape story. Media like to sell murder, kidnapping story from Bihar but why so unsympathetic towards the people of BIHAR. When people like Raj Thakery attacks north Indian Media makes him hero. Is he the sole protector of Marathi Culture ? Come on you can fool educated illiterate not educated literate. Everyone knows what game Raj Thakre is playing but media got masala to sell and made him hero. When Kashmir burns media makes people like Muhammad Yasin Malik as a hero. I have never seen what is the mystery behind Kashmir agitation? Yeah I am good in googling but still could not find the reason. Why we Indians are so insensitive towards human life? We have so many prominent leaders like Lalu sitting in government but never came forward to help people of BIHAR? My heart cries when I see so many selfish people in our country.
Coming back to Media where well dressed people sits in front of camera, hold the microphone and they just discussing anything and everything without knowing how it would help people who is suffering. Yeah they KNOW how to speak English. They are busy with Big brother and Jade Goody. Does every one think that Indian are poor? Are you kidding? India have billionaire and millioner in but just for themselves not for affected nation.
Why such natural disaster does not get people’s attention? Should we blame media or fate of those who is suffering? Should we blame people of Bihar who does not know how to tell their story to the entire nation/world?
GOD if you are really there I would pray to help those people who is suffering because of nature fury. Help my LORD to those people who are in field to help those suffering.

Now people who will read my blog will definitely ask me what you are doing? No dude I am doing it whatever I can, believe me and if you have any pointer let me know.

Please send your crossed cheque in the name "Chief Minister Relief Fund, Bihar" and post it to .

Secretary to Chief Minister.
Government Of Bihar
1 Anne Marg.
Patna 800001

Read this great effort by our CM Nitish Kumar.
NEW DELHI: The fury of Kosi, which struck east Bihar with a vengeance last Monday, may trigger one of the world's biggest human evacuations ever. The exodus should continue over the next several weeks with the scared population spread over six districts finally veering round to timely escape as the only option.

By now, almost one lakh marooned people have moved to safe highlands, bulk of them by government boats and many on their own. The reluctant trickle is now taking the shape of a torrent after an emotional appeal by chief minister Nitish Kumar, urging people to cut their losses and leave with their cattle.

At the time of reporting, over 10,000 people had beseeched the administration officials in Madhepura to take them to safety — a reversal of sorts since 24 hours ago, all the nudging could not make them leave their "ghar".

More such scenes could be witnessed in the next 48 hours if heavy rain, as forecast by the Met office, pelts the area, adding to the huge volumes of water gushing down from Nepal towards the plains of the ill-fated Bihar districts.

The deluge has, at any rate, presented a gigantic task of moving over 20 lakh people to protected zones. By Friday, the government expects to deploy 900 boats — motorised and manual — for evacuation work.

At an average of 100 people per boat, the daily shift could shoot to 90,000. The number of people voluntarily finding their way to safety will also continue to rise because they are slowly realizing that the worst of the Kosi crisis may not yet be over.

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