Friday, August 1, 2008

Force Virtual Machine on ESX to boot into BIOS

I was trying to figure out how can we force boot the Virtual machine into BIOS mode. When VM’s is powered boot screen changes so fast that you can not even see the text. It directly goes into PXE. Some blogger suggested to make changes in VMX file so that it can force it to go into BIOS. Why I wanted to go into BIOS ? Because I wanted to boot it through ISO but for some reason it was not. ISO was also bad for some reason. It was not a big thing but was talking long time to figure out. I also learned that either ESC or F12 Key can also help VM to boot into BIOS.

Finally there were settings on then VM itself which will boot the machine into BIOS. But this setting has to be set every time when VM has to booted into BIOS.