Friday, October 17, 2008

Strange Issue with ILO

I setup my esx host and for some reason “vmfs” partition was not created during the installation. I started creating “vmfs ” partition and left for the day. When I came next day and tried to ILO into the host I found that it is not allowing me to do so and throwing error message


I rebooted the host twice and check the ILO cable to make sure that no one messed it and found everything is OK. What the heck happened because all other host on the same switch was working fine. I called HP support and it took them 2 hours to find solution (NO call was not routed to third world country) . They asked me to upgrade the BIOS as well as ILO and directed me to .

Well I just feel like getting into the phone and hitting the tech support guy for frustrating me ☺ . I gave up on phone and thought of doing at my own. I went to ILO site and downloaded the firmware and thought of updating it


After that update I still had the same issue when I tried to lunch it from desktop. I used some other H/W box and lunch the ILO from it. To my surprise I was able to get into ILO. Was there anything wrong my desktop? Well I don’t think so because I was able to ILO into other ESX host. It is hard to digest the fact that it is happening only with one DL380 box.