Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First Cut for ESXi3 5 update3 released

Downloaded latest ESXi version: 3.5 Update 3 | 2008/11/06 | Build: 123629. Not to mention that again VMware has done wonderful job in releasing their updates. This kind of work gives me enough reason to believe that removal of Diane Greene cannot downgrade VMware reputation.

I downloaded HP version as I was using HP DL 380 as my host.

When I mounted ISO using ILO and rebooted my server it did not gave me option to install GUI as earlier updates use to do ,instead of that it says “LOADING ISO” and once ISO is loaded it will give default option like this

1. ELA where you have to accept the license

2. It will search for previous install of ESX

3. It will give warning message like your disk will be formatted and stuff like that

But it will not do anything other than that. I was surprised how do I then configure my system. So here is the answer:

1. Remove the ILO mount and then reboot the system.

2. When the system comes back it will allow you to configure the system. Press F2 then it will provide you the option to specify

When you press F12 to reboot it gives you option if you want to shutdown or restart. I love this feature

When you leave the screen just like that for a while then it will turn black

While rebooting it will present a nice looking GUI



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