Monday, December 1, 2008

Getting rid of .vmem file with VMWare workstation 5

Well I am back from vacation, yeah it was for one month long. No I also worked for past two years without any vacation, what so fuss about it.
There were two virtual machine which are running on VMWare workstation 5.0 and were keep shutting down because of space crunch on physical win2003 box. There were not much which I can do to have more space. Finally I looked at the directory under virtual machine and found that there were 700MB big *.vmem file got created. After researching I found that this file can be deleted but in order to get safely rid of it we need to add some line in .vmx file and the line which has to be added would be

mainMem.useNameFile= False

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Anonymous said...

Word of warning: everywhere else this is
"mainMem.useNamedFile = False"
(additional "d")