Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy blogging

I was inspired by my few Americans college/friend (yes I can claim them as my friend even
though they were my clients) and started blogging. Blogging gave me freedom to express myself and now I can see result of my blogging. Recently a site called DBCC has published my article about “How to troubleshoot P2Ved Citrix box”.

One of the VM's was having some performance issue and I found that it was a citrix box which has been P2Ved . It was windows 2000 box and VMware converter was still installed. Who ever done the P2V did not uninstall the converter. Normally Citrix on VMware best practices suggest that you should never P2V. I started troubleshooting this box to find out what went wrong. I thought may be HAL is corrupted because it was showing 4 PROC. I tried running command systeminfo and it throws out the error that it does not recognize the command. Of course it does will not since it was win2K box. So here is the way.”

One of the VMware principal system engineer Mike D who run’s his own blog has put my blog under the list of “Great Bloggers ”.

One of the Linked discussion which I also publish it on my blog . For my solution the discussion initiator has wrote comment

Thanks for your detailed reply. It was an absolute gem. I would like to add you to my
network and am sending invite. Please accept.



Having said all above it makes me happy that my good work is recognized by technical geeks.
Thank you all for your encouragement and I will keep improving

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