Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Virtualization of HBA's

I was reading blog where the guy was doing POC to cut cost on storage component and at the same time have good performance. Something which came across was VHBA. I thought what this new %@#&( is.? I googled and found best practice document from Emulex. It talks about NPIV which used to virtualizes NPIV. N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) technology virtualizes the LightPulse physical HBA port configured in a point-to-pointSAN topology. This HBA virtualization technology allows a single physical Fibre Channel HBA port to function as multiple logical ports, each with its own separate identity.Now, each virtual machine can attach to its own Virtual HBA port (or VPort) which consists of the combination of a distinct Worldwide Node Name (WWNN) and up to four Worldwide Port Names (WWPNs),

They have virtualizes storage/server/network and now HBA’s. What else is waiting now?

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iguy said...

This is what HP just started to offer with its Flex10 technology for BladeSystem c-Class.