Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snapshot and disk expansion

I learned my snapshoot lesson in very hard way. So I would recommend when there
are many VMware admin with little knowledge please be careful with expansion or stuff like that.Today one of the VM’s had snapshoot and I did not realize it (Yes I am stupid Idiot). It has only C: drive which needs to be expanded. So I ask one my colleague to use GUI and perform the expansion. He tried and the value got reverted. What I meant was when I changed size from 5GB to 6GB it will not accept that changes

But if the machine does not have snapshot then it will accept these changes. So this is a indication that it has It is like a new discovery for me


iguy said...


You should know this inside and out by now. I remember a bunch of dead VMs due to this that you had a hand in. :)

sentania said...


We had another experience of this last week.

I'll write a short blog entry about how to fix it after the fact.