Thursday, March 12, 2009

P2Ving IIS windows server in DMZ

Please read this before you attempt .

We had been attempting to virtualize one of the dying old hardware hosting business critical application in DMZ. This was my first experience virtualizing web server in DMZ. So I learn too many things to from this P2V effort.

  1. When you virtulize any web server in DMZ please involve Firewall/Network Admin.
  2. Ports need to be open between ESX host which will be hosting that physical machine + Physical machine + VC client box which is performing this effort.
ESX Host IP -> (All ports) Physical server IP -> (All ports)VC client server IP .
As you can see we have open all the ports and reason behind doing this was to avoid any port related error while doing P2V. This is safest approach from P2V and security prospective.
  1. Before virtualizing take backup of IIS application using IIS console. Once backup completed shut down all the IIS service and any other services like Anitvirus. Also run ipconfig /all > ip.txt to note down all the IP addresses.

  2. Use convertor and virtualize the physical box and choose not to start and install vm tools.

  3. Once this box is virtualize remove all the unwanted hardware using following link.
  4. Make sure you have removed the vm NIC card and then power on the system. The reason we do this to have a neat and clean system before adding NIC. This also safeguards from any IP or application conflict.
  5. Once the machine is powered ON check if any NIC teaming was done. I had a great difficulties because I used this link and deleted the hidden driver before removing it from NIC.
  6. Remove the NIC team because IP address are assign to the team in case of Teamed server not to the individual NIC adapter.
  7. Once the team is removed from the NIC then uninstall the NIC team software and rest all software (Hardware related) which is not required. Please follow the reboot sequence as machine request you. I thought I will reboot it once for all and landed up in trouble. I think we should have sometime listening attitude towards Mr. Gates creativity.
  8. Now follow the link to remove hidden NIC adapter imported as a part of P2V.
  9. Once all unwanted adapter is removed then proceed with installing VM tools.
  10. After this add VM nic and then power on machine and assign IP address.

There may be the case where you have to restore the IIS or if your application is DOT Net based then you have to reinstall. In my case I have attempted thrice to P2V same IIS server thinking that either application or P2V got corrupted. But finally it was .Net which was causing the whole problem. Reinstalling fixed the problem with the application. Not sure why .Net got corrupted

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