Thursday, April 23, 2009

Operation Lotus completed

Operation Lotus completed successfully today. Today India being world largest democratic country going through electoral phase to elect their government and I along with family casted their vote for the same reason. After casting my vote I got a feeling that “YES I have done something for the country”. Yeah I have casted my vote after a long gap because of various reason. Whom I voted for ? off course for BJP and not only me but my wife and brother also voted for BJP. Well people debate because of media influence terming them as communal force and other party as secular party. Well all the political party in India is one or the same but just their level are different. And to my view BJP level is little bit lower than other party. Party which focus is just not to grab the PM seat but also to protect implement Hindutav. Now this communal and Hindutav definition to such extend by this media that people now understand as a big drawback for India. Well Hindutav is not just Hinduism but is also talk about our culture and I don’t think there is nothing wrong If I say I want to protect Hinduism +our culture. I told I will follow hindutav and I did not told that I will devast muslism or christanism . When I say I will protect Hinduism I had been termed as communal why ? Well this is all Media which control peoples mind and I don’t care what people want to term me as but I will always follow BJP.


iguy said...

Congrats. I do hope that this transition goes well. Giving people the power is a fantastic thing.

Vikash Kumar Roy said...

Thanks Ian, appriciate your comment