Sunday, April 26, 2009

SUN-ORACLE deal: Capitalist strikes again

Many blogs and article were busy understanding the deal and justifying it, who has win-win situation. How Oracle will deal with this buyout? How Oracle will be benefited with this deal? How Jonathan/Larry would be run their business? But no one talks about why SUN landed up in situation like this ? Did they put any effort to come out the situation like this? How Jonathan can transform the business of SUN to save his company?

But no what is the point to think, they have already milked the cow. Now cow is grown old and does need it any more. Well people may tell me that it was not worth to put any effort to save the company as regulator and shareholder were in favor of this deal. I agree because no business man in this world is for Charity . They do when they are looking for some government subsidies or when they feel that their popularity is going down. I may sound pessimistic but I can bet % of these business man do because of reason state above.

When I compare these MNC with Indian MNC I find that they are little bit for passionate about their company/business/employee (I may be wrong). I read that these Indian MNC are still honoring their offer given to collage pass out. They are not putting paper napkin/toilet paper inside toilet (I really don’t care and I can manage with handkerchief) .They are not giving any increment and also all the hikes are freeze (Which is fine as long as I have my job). We should be proud because they have shared their profit with us so we should be with them during the time of crisis.

I was wondering Jonathan given thought about something like this? SUN hardware is one of the costliest one, so what did they do to bring down the price. I guess NONE. So now Jonathan and team will get share after this deal. He and his family will have luxurious life, who care about employee’s grief. They are senseless creature. I have one of my friend who is part of Sun family and after looking at his agony I realize how painful it is to be part of MNC. He has been loyal servant of SUN and this what he got in return. Jonathan don’t have any emotion attach to his company and their employee? I feel that bringing up a company is similar to bringing up your own kid. You go through same pain and pleasure when you see kid/company grows. How can you just sell the company and enjoy the billions of dollar? Do you sleep on those dollar if yes do you get good sleep by devastating your own families (Remember employee are as good as your family member )

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