Sunday, October 25, 2009

VSRM2:Network Consideration

I had been trying to write about my SRM implementation for a long time. I wrote about Network consideration long time back. This is how I have implemented stretched VLAN.
Then Man behind this effort was network colleague Randall Bjorge.
1. What we did is we created same VLAN at Recovery site as in Protected site. For example say if VLAN100 exist in Protected site then we also created VLAN 100 at the Recovery Site
2. Same VLAN created at Recovery site has been keep in shutdown state.
3. When we initiated actual DR for our test environment we shut down the VLAN at Protected site.
4. We then brought VLAN at Recovery Site and pressed the RED recovery button.

To simplified this process we scripted this VLAN shutdown and VLAN bring up process. When we brought VLAN at Recovery site we had some challenges in routing network.

I expected this process to be very tough but when we worked it turned out to be very simple and straight. In actual DR scenario I am planning to place a DC/DNS/DHCP to make this IP routing simple.


Mike said...


Would love to know more in detail how you implemented the strectched VLAN. On the other hand, how did you manage storage replication between the two sites?

Vikash Kumar Roy said...

I don’t have script which my N/W guy use to run but in nutshell, he created same VLAN at the DR site and shut it down . When DR triggered he activated the VLAN and that way I don’t have to re-ip my boxes. For storage replication I was relying on snapmirror from NetApp.
Hope this help.