Friday, April 30, 2010

Working with Blade8:Configure VLAN for ESX host on Blade

With Blade networking is very important aspect if you are planning to roleout ESX on it. Because based on networking you will plan how you want to define this on VC-Flex10 module. There are many way you can define it but I like this :

a) Two LOM goes for Service Console

b) Two LOM goes for VM network

c) Dedicate two LOM for vmotion and confine traffic within VC domain.

d) Two LOM for NFS/ISCSI.

For VM network where you have to define multiple network. You need to create all the VLAN’s under shared uplink set which you want to trunk on VM network vSwitch

Vmotion network using internal link

1. For vmotion we will be creating a Ethernet Networks but will not be assigning any uplink to it

2. For rest all network it should be like this

3. Once this Ethernet link is created and blade has this profile assigned this nic can be used for vmotion. So create a vmkernel for vmotion, assign the IP address of your choice as the same IP address scheme you need to use it for all the vmotion vmkernel or else it will not work.

VM network using multiple network.

For VM network we create multiple VLAN on single vSwitch. This means VLAN should be in trunk mode. We also do tagging at ESX level .

Click on the tab as shown above and then it will pop up

Here you can select what ever VLAN you want be seen by VM network vSwitch.

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