Thursday, April 29, 2010

Existing IDE disk is not supported at the moment- Migrating VM from 2.X to 4.X

We had ESX V2.X running in our environment with couple of VM’s. It has highly impossible to have this host into our VC. So we disconnected the host and then copy the VM’s over to 4.0 host. Now we cannot add it into inventories since it has older hardware. We tried creating new VM and then attaching the vmdk which fails .

We tried enterprise convertor and then standalone to export the VMDK but it did not work. Finally we decided to clone the disk

vmkfstools -i source.vmdk dest.vmdk

We then created a new VM and then tried to attach the VMDK and we started getting error message "Adding existing IDE disk is not supported at the moment. IDE disks cannot be hot added or there are no free available IDE Controller slots.".


1. Unregister this VM from Virtual Center

2. Remove all scsi0:* lines from the VMs config file using a text editor.

3. Open the disk desciptor file in a text editor and replace "legacyESX" with "lsilogic". The descriptor file is the few hundred byte vmdk file.

4. Repeat this step for all the virtual disk files for this VM .

5. Register the VM again

6. Add disk(s) to the VM

If you do not edit the descriptor file and add the disk to a vSphere VM (with virtual hw v7) it will come up as a working IDE disk.


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Michael said...

Brilliant this was exactly what I needed!

Spent hours at a client site upgrading a host from 2.5 to 4.0 last night and most of the time was figuring out how to get the one VM to run under 4.0. I wish I'd found your post then instead of this morning.