Monday, April 5, 2010

Upgrading Virtual Center from 2.5 to 4.0

One of the best upgrade I have done from Virtual Center 2.5 to Virtual Center 4.0 U1. I have done many upgrades where you have to through many pain of redoing the work post upgrade but with 4.0 U1 upgrade it was smoothest and cleanest one. Just pop-in the CD and next –next period.

Here is how I performed it

1. Make sure you have exported all the relevant information from VC so that if any issue comes during the upgrade , you should be able to handle it. Also make sure you have done latest backup of SQL server used by VC. This is how the VC ISO menu looks like and choose

2. It will then detect the VC already running

3. Agree to license agreement and then proceed

4. Fill the correct information

5. t may give message like this and let SQL admin knows about it

6. Type user name with which it can authenticate. Remember this can be your user name since it is just for the authentication purpose

7. Choose the option below as shown and check the box which is mention or else it will not allow to move forwards

8. Here is the option which allow to run the account as a service . Best practice is to run with system account

9. Let this be at default

10. Relax and sit tight till it is done

11. This will do numerous thing during that process

12. Finally it will show like this

Congratulation you have completed the VC upgrade successfully . With my 100+ host environment , I only came across on host which was in disconnect state . It also understand about VC2.5 licensing .

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