Friday, April 29, 2011

How to send CTRL + ALT+DEL on XenDesktop 5 running on WYSE C10LE

Sorry folks after a long time I am posting my new blog. I could not resist myself when I discover how to send CTRL +ALT+DEL on XenDesktop 5 running on WYSE C10LE client.
WYSE C10LE is dumb thin client running SUSI linux. The way to send all the config using WNOS.INI . This wnos.ini is store inside c:\inetpu\tftp on WDM server. WDM server is setup to manage all WYSE thin clients. WDM is licensed software is provided based on number of licensed procured.

Now comming to actual question how do we send CTRL+ALT+DEL to XenDesktop running windows 7 . When you try to lock it , it will get locked but then how do we unlock it?

Make a entry into WNOS.INI with following setting

"KeySequence=Yes Ctrl+Alt+Del=no Ctrl+Alt+Up=no Ctrl+Alt+Down=no Ctrl+Alt+Left=no Ctrl+Alt+Right=no"