Sunday, January 27, 2013

Comparison of Flash Redirection with XenDesktop

I had been hearing that flash redirection does not work  and many tried to prove it via their own videos or what ever mean they had, so I thought why should I left behind :).
I used my laptop running MacBook Pro with HP Windows 7 based thin client running XenDesktop 5.6. Thin client were running windows receiver3.3.  I choose virtual tour of Marina Bay Sands hotel Singapore

So first I choose to record a situation which have do not flash redirection enabled. And check this video for it

Now what happen when Flash redirection work can you find any difference with virtual tour , no yes ? Yeah one is MAC screen and other one is HP thin client screen . Other than that any difference ? O wait I forget to add one more thing, this flash display is over 300ms + of latency.I know you have many questions regarding setting and stuff like that. Drop me a note and we can discuss this.

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