Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Integrating foot pedal with XenDesktop

Foot Pedal are used to playback audio or video and used by various different industries. Here we are trying to integrate one such foot pedal with Express Scribe Transcription Software.
These are HID based device which require few policies on XD and then if we need to run via thin client then few setting on VDA

Client USB redirection work with XenApp 6.0 and XenDesktop 5.0 or latter .
1.  Make sure this policies are in place
2. If we need to integrate with thin client then make sure we have registry hack for "AutoRedirect" explained in  CTX123015.  This need to made on virtual machine
To get the PID and VID for this foot pedal use device manager or use any physical machine where this was presentimage
3. When this need to integrate with thin client we need to do force redirect from end device itself. Recently some of the Wyse model do provide option using TCX USB Virtualizer
4. Lastly we should have USB device redirection rules applied on desktop group . Citrix eDocs explain in great detailimage
Once all these are in place this is how it show up when we use Wyse T50 thin client . Notice when Foot Pedal is plugged into thin client it does get auto detected.

And this is how it show up with Thick client

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