Thursday, March 6, 2014

PVS streamed Win2012R2 /Win7 and NIC fail over.

In this video I am trying to show how NIC speed varies for windows 2012R2 vs Win7. As you know , HyperV support PXE on legacy nic at the speed of 100MB. Streaming VM’s over 100MB would be really challenging .  Windows 2012R2 VM does fail over the network from legacy NIC to Synthetic NIC as shown over the video whereas Windows7 only use synthetic nic for VM traffic and streaming continue over legacy network. In this video, I tried copying file to PVS streamed  windows 7 and all the activity happening over synthetic NIC whereas streaming continue over legacy NIC.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

PVS streamed machine showing error: Network_Boot_Duplicate_Address

PVS environment has been setup using following post . When windows 2012R2 targets where booted it throws error “NETWORK_BOOT_DUPLICATAE_ADDRESS”


Since we had two DHCP server, we thought this may be the reason why it is having duplicate IP issue. But found CTX132133 explain similar issue with PVS 6.1. Decided to try the work around mention in CTX.image

This worked.