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The exodus: After Army, top scientists quit Govt

Sometimes back IBN live posted this article on their website and I thought of commenting on for that post. But IBN did not wanted to post my view since they wanted to show people what they wants. So I thought of copying the entire content and write my own view on my own blog. These news channel act like a mafia and in the name of freedom they have their own way of exploiting this. Its more of a business for them rather than serving quality news for millions of viewers.
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New Delhi: After successes like Prithvi, Nag, Agni III and interceptor missiles, the Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) is in a state of crisis and that too in its golden jubilee year.
This time it is manpower in the country's premier research organisation that stands threatened. At least 1,106 scientists have quit the DRDO in the last five years, taking the attrition rate to a shocking over 15 per cent in 2008 from 6.3 per cent earlier.
“It’s not a crisis, but the situation needs close monitoring and steps that can stop this trend,” Chairman of the recruitment division in DRDO, Dr K V Raghavan said.
On an average the DRDO is losing at least 500 young scientists every year from a pool of 2,500. And the loss is a gain for private research organisations whose higher salaries the DRDO can't match.
The worst hit is its young brigade. Scientists at the B and C level are all under 35 and they have been trained for three to five years by the DRDO.
“The number of scientists available for one billion people is too little. We are losing scientists to better opportunities in terms of money in the private sector,” Chief Controller, Research and Development, Dr W Selvamurthy said.
So the DRDO is adopting desperate measures now. This year onwards the DRDO will be recruiting 800 scientists every year to balance the exit. An extra 400 over is the usual intake.
It is also aggressively pursuing on-campus recruitments at IITs, deemed universities and engineering colleges across the country. On offer are research fellowships and share in the money earned from patents and research. DRDO is also wooing NRI researchers to join the organisation.
Meanwhile, it is also working on building a better image.
For the DRDO slogans like patriotism and pride can no longer attract scientists to its fold or keep them back. It has to first convince the Government of the need to have indigenous defence technology and provide better opportunities, only then will it manage to woo talent and guarantee good research work.

Here is what I have to say and did not want to publish this

Its shame for country like India, where we can not have Big Brain serving for our own country. Well we can not blame those people who leave such job and work for private firm. Look at the inflation rate, can those people survive? They have family to take care of, they need to send their kid for higher education. They want to buy house to securer future of their kid. Can they do with their job at DRDO? I really doubt. On other side look at those Bureaucrats and Politician who is sucking all the hard earned money of tax payers. People like Mayawati who spend corers of rupee on their personal security. Our PM want to buy plane like Airforce one. Do we have to compete with US? US president deserve Airforce one because they care and work for their people welfare. One American killed in any part of the world and see how American react. Can our PM do like that ? Do we care for human life? No we don't . One rapist rape a minor and enjoy a escort free life because court case which will continue till minor become old. Then why we should spend so much of money in buying Airforce one. We do not care for our PM , let him get assassinated we will get thousand of them. There are many close friend of PM who might be praying for him to die so that they can become PM. Is it funny ? No it is not funny. What do you think why Rajiv Gandhi was killed ? Because LTTE does not like him ? No it was Congress who wanted him to be killed so that they can get sympathy vote and form a government. We can spend corers of rupee on our cricket fan by bringing crap like IPL and ICL but we can not do anything for our Big and bright brain because we don't have any personal gain. These all explain we don't care for human value. So why do we care if we loose those big brain to MNC? They are also human being like politician. They also have to survive. They joining MNC does not mean that they do not love their mother INDIA, they very well DO.

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