Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Getting cpu info for VMotion

Richard Garsthagen owner of has written beautiful tool which can get CPU info for VMotion. To find if your server is compatible for VMotion or not you need to go to ESX install CD and run cpuid.iso. But this tool will allow you to communicate with your virtual center and get all the information for VMotion compatable host

Interested in knowing if all your physical ESX servers are the same? VMotion Info will help you find out. The application gathers the important system information from your hosts and puts this in one single overview. It’s my first written VB application, so sorry for the looks
At the Login screen just provide your username, password and the IP/DNS of your Virtual Center.

After the login, the program will collect from all hosts the Vendor, Model, CPU Types and the CPU feature bits.

After you have the overview, you can easily cut and paste it into Excel and make some nice reports or so
Version History:
1.00 - First release, show raw data only
1.01 - This release translates the actual raw data to what CPU features are available
1.02 - Fixed an error when servers are found that are not licensed yet
1.03 - Improved error trapping
1.05 - Added functionality to change the VC port number
Download VMotionInfo

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