Saturday, April 12, 2008

Trying To Be a Photographer Part2

Finally I started learning photography. When I was in collage (1995-1999), I shot some nice photographs and my friend told I do nice photography. Humm may be from that time I got interested in photography. Let me think if that is true NO. That is not true , from my childhood I was interested in nature. I love to watch sky and greenery surrounding me. I love to watch sunset touching lake near my house. Yeah may be that time I developed some interest. We got our first camera Casio and I started trying my skill with that. Not much luck and then my brother bought a camera accidentally, how? that is another story. But it was a nice SONY powershot camera. I tried my little luck with that. When I got my job I always dream of buying a expensive camera using which I can try my talent (If I have any). When my room mate bough a manual SLR , I got little more inspired by looking at that SLR camera. I am not sure if I ever shot any nice photo with that manual SLR. In 2007 we were expecting our baby and my wife wanted me to buy a nice camera so that we can capture all the memorable moment of our new baby. So I gave this job to my wife to do some research and let me know what she understood. I can not claim that my wife is equally talented as me J but I have to admit that she sometime shoot a nice shot. I already had made up my mind to go only for DSLR. My wife chooses CANON Digital Rebel XTi which was a basic model from CANON in DSLR series and finally we bought that. I am not sure for past one year I am using and still trying to learn. Downloaded couple of CBT J (Yeah they have CBT for this) to learn it and I even knew that this is not something which you can learn from CBT. But to know the DSLR you need to understand terminology like ISO,Noise, Exposure, Zoom, Overexposed etc. Then I came to know college of mine knew photography well and was using same DSLR as mine. One more distance college was an amateur photographer who was using EOS and was using lens. I started talking to those guys as a beginner and they were very helpful to make me understand some basic (which I was missing). I thought it is a good opportunity to learn and try to develop my hidden skill ( hahahaha.) . I got so imbaraced when friend of mine ask what does SLR stand for (hahaha). Not that I did not know but I could not recall. So thought let me put this thing one my blog and tell who ever ask full form of SLR. Yes SLR stands for single-lens reflex.

Currently I am owning CANON Digital Rebel XTi/Tripod Stand/EFS18-55mm lens/2GB Compact Flash (CF) card from Kingston/. Now the question how should I proceed further? May be I continue watching some CBT and reading some nice blog. How should I start collecting my all arms and ammunition to enhance my hidden skill (Stop making fun of me)

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