Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy B'Day Sweetheart

Happy Birday Sweetheart. As we call you Vibha, Sonuva, Zonki,Gudiya,Chonputuk,Sonpari
We have started preparing for your arrival by seeking blessing from Almighty. Your mom was bit tensed before your arrival but I was sure that we are going to make it with the help of Almighty. Doctor “Carmela A Barr” and her team prepared the bed for your arrival. You were under surveillance to make sure that you are also prepared to join our family. On September 8th 2007 around 10.05 PM you finally arrived in this world and into our family. Every one visited to see my princes ,Rishi, Madhu, Saumitra. But much awaited was Great Grand Mother .She came on 17th September. You were bit late in getting her blessing but she always had her blessing before you came into this world. Finally everyone wanted to leave me alone and on Nov 18th you left for India. When you were 4 days old you gave a first pose and your mom was able to capture it. After looking at the pose we started thinking that you are going to be a great thinker? You started growing like a beautiful princes and then the first word came out of your mouth was “Dada” a great grandfather (Mr. Vishnu Narayan Roy ) of yours . You are always happy to be with your Grand Mother.


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