Saturday, September 27, 2008

Political war between Marathon and VMware on Fault Tolerance Feature of VMware.

Political war between Marathon and VMware on Fault Tolerance Feature of VMware.

A great political debate has been started on VMWare fault tolerance feature during
VMWare world meet at LA 2008. A four reason listed by Marathon has draw sharp criticism from VMware lover. Please read the complete story here. One of the four reason listed for short fall of VMWare FT is listed as ========================Snip==================================

2. Complexity on top of complexity. In order to use VMware Fault Tolerance, you’ll first have to install both VMware HA and DRS. No small feat in and of themselves. Then, because VMware FT requires NIC teaming, you’ll also have to manually install paired NICs. Then you’ll need to manually setup dual storage controllers (with the software to manage them) because it requires multi-pathing. And to top it all off, you’re required to use an expensive, and often complicated, SAN.


To this Mike has given a great response on his blog and responded how easy HA and DRS to configure


See those two check boxes? Click them and you've just enabled HA and DRS. If that's
too hard then please comment and let me know how it could possibly be easier. Even my dog has figure out how to do this now. Granted, it's a pretty smart dog.


What a response… Well Q is if you want to sell you product sell it ,but please do not do some cheap marketing. Where VMwaer is right now MS or any other will take ages to reach and I am ready to bet on my word

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digg1980 said...


I believe this war is kinda funny, as they are not comparing the like. VMware is offering VMware FT to be its first line of FT feature, but for people who still want a more advance FT solution they can go for third party ones. To find out more about VMware FT & learn more of a video about it Check out VMware FT post & video @ Virtualization team blog
Checking that out you will find out its not a replacement for third party FT products, but can help customers who can't afford third party FT products in getting some level of FT.

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