Sunday, July 12, 2009

What to do if “ifcfg-vswif0” file is deleted?

I usually change host name and IP address by following my earlier blog. What happened this time was not sure but I lost "ifcfg-vswif0" file and host were out of network. I still can see ""Service Console " and vSwitch0 had all the port group. Now this is very confusing situation , if I create new service console ,will I lost all the portgroup . The answer is NO. So I went ahead and created new Service Console port using following command

[root@server root]# esxcfg-vswif –a vswif0 –i –n –p "Service Console"
['Vnic' warning] Generated New Mac address, 00:50:xx:xx:xx:xx for vswif0

To my surprise I found that all the port group were intact and I got back my "ifcfg-vswif0" file with new MAC address.


Anonymous said...

Mate, thanks for posting this. It saved me potentially hours of extra work tonight. Could not find any other references but then found this and it got me back up and running! Thanks again :)


Anonymous said...

thank you! it works!!!

Anonymous said...

many works!!

Anonymous said...

Saved my butt too... awesome!