Monday, April 5, 2010

How to setup Link mode for Virtual Center 4.0

Today I have done VC upgrade and here is blog for the same. During the VC upgrade it did not ask me for setting VC in link mode which becomes very much necessary when you have multiple VC across environment.

Few things you should know

1. Link mode feature is not available to you if you are holding license for “foundation or essential edition ”. This required stander edition of VC license.

2. It uses ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode ) database to replicate it’s configuration between multiple VC.

3. ADAM stores :

* Connection information (IP addresses and ports)

* Certificates and thumbprints

* License Information

* User Roles

4. Permission can be configured on VC basis.

5. Single VC can manage 300 ESX host with 3000 VM but linked mode can manage 1000 ESX host with 10000 VM’s

More features are available here.

You have to re-run the setup for VC server installation. It will walk you through wizard

It will then detect the VC instance and prompt you for VC link mode setting

By default the link mode configuration will be selected

It will then prompt you to provide server name for which you are connecting

Make sure you have selection as below.

And that is about it.

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Anonymous said...

After following this procedure, when i log into any of the linked vcenter servers it gives the following error : There are issues communicating with the vCenter server(s). Failure to authenticate with the server.

Please help.

Thanks in advance