Monday, February 6, 2012

How to shut down arrogant VM on XenServer

Sometime VM hang and restarting xapi and toolstack  will not  help . There is a good way of doing this , oh yeah

1. Run xe vm-list and in this case INBLREHVDI0007 is the VM which says running image

2. Run list_domains command and find out domain ID . In this case it is 246.image

3. Destroy the domain using . This will sit as usual but press control + c and come out of the prompt.image

4. Run list_domains and check the domain ID has been changed.image

5. Reboot the VM and it will work perfectly .


Source is here

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M. Nawaz said...

excellent article, had faced similar issue and the instruction worked, although one of the raid drive has failed yet to be replaced.