Friday, November 8, 2013

XD 7.1 : MCS error “Provisioning scheme not recognized” with VMWare

I was trying to create MCS catalog using virtual center 5.0 U1 and it was throwing error 


While looking at catalog provisioning scheme name was empty


While looking at active task it was erroring out after 29%.


We looked deeper into error message and it was “Error Id: XDDS:4E970E49”


This was the case where virtual and ESX were connected via WAN link with 200ms + of latency . Finally we increase timeout value for VMWare connection  from default to 8 hours and that worked. I am not going to explain details here but if you want to know more trying using wireshark.



Prince said...

Nice find Roy...thanks for sharing.

Joan Forner said...

Roy, thanks for your post, I'm currently experiencing the same problem, I tried your solution but it doesn't work, in any case I would like to be sure about the option Diskuploadresponsetimeout, not sure if I'm typing it properly, is there any document where I can find that information?

Vikash Kumar Roy said...

Just to let you know "Diskuploadreponse" is correct . Incase above solution doesn't work , pls work with support or post it in forum along with logs.

Anonymous said...

Restart vCenter worked for us :)