Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Working with Blade6:The same network cannot be on multiple Flex-10 ports within the same profile

Under your server profile  , you cannot have more than 2 flex 10 NIC dedicated to same network profile. If you tried to assign

If you refer the document on Page 13 ,its clearly mentioned . If you need separate pairs of NICs to go to the same network you can attach additional network cables to the Flex 10 module and configure each uplink port as its own network.

Scenario is like this and I was trying

So you have two LOM (Lan on Motherboard ) for each Blade server ,which is also called as Flex NIC. Refering to above figure what we are doing is putting VLAN NFS on LOM1 which as per limitation of Flex 10 is not supported.

I will talk more about Flex 10 NIC architect in my next blog but the document which I mention above is very nice.

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