Friday, December 9, 2011

How to install Lotus SameTime 8.5.1 on Citrix PVS Streamed pooled desktop (VDI)

IBM Lotus Sametime is the enterprise communicator similar to OCS. It has similar feature as Microsoft OCA along with , it has ability to take screenshot and share over chat . Some of the cool feature liked by end users to  have his/her  own emotions on chat.

While installation is easy but it does not launch in PVS streamed VM's . PVS streamed VM  uses roaming profile because of pooled environment . This can only be achieved via storing user's profile data on shared storage.

IBM Sametime does not like it because it has tendency to store it locally . Below screenshot shows that  value called store it locally. This setting does not allow the sametime to launch when desktop is access via ICA session.image

To make it work , mount the roaming app data GPO by updating registry


And now make change to the file by updating the field called as shown below .


With this you would be able to launch IBM same time on streamed pooled VM.

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