Thursday, March 1, 2012

Error "New partition table could be written" while installing XenServer 6.0

I was trying to install XenServer on 1TB disk with RAID configure and it was throwing below error message on Dell Rack mounted server.


This can be solved by two way by disabling GPT  :

1. Boot from the XenServers 6.0.0 install CDROM.
2. At the Xen 6.0.0 install prompt type menu.c32 and press enter.
3. When you get the new menu screen press TAB
4. add disable-gpt just before the last --- then press enter.  The system will go through part of the pre-install boot process.           5. At the bash prompt type "exit".

Installation will continue without any issue


1. Type "shell"  at the boot menu


2. Edit the file under installer location using VI editor image

3. Edit the file and change the value highlighted from True to False and 4096  to 20480 and then exit


4. After existing the vim and boot menu , installation will continue .


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Eric Clemens said...

Thanks! This was a huge help!

Tom Evans said...

Thanks very much, this was a great help!

Andrew said...

Thanks, that solved it for me...strangely it installed fine on a single 150GB array on the megaraid controller, but when I changed the configuration to two logical drives 20GB and 130GB, it came up with the GPT error.

Joe Smith said...

Thanks very much, this was a great help!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Roy

I sued shell option It worked

Johnny Hiep said...

you can help me for raid 10 software? my email: thank you!