Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How to create public SSL certificate for NetScaler .

Creating public SSL certificate is 3 step process.

Step 1. Create RSA key:  a) Login to NetScaler webpage using 'nsroot' and navigate to SSL section. Highlight 'certificate' and select 'Create RSA key' under SSL keys.


                             b)  This will pop up a window asking for various information :

                                         Key Filename: Can be anything and if you doing for first time no need to select browse .

                                          Key Size : Can be anything in multiple of 1024 but most of the public site accept key size beyond 2048

                                          Public Exponent value: Leave it to default F4

                                         Key Format : Should be PEM unless you want DER format

                                         PEM Encoding Algorithm : DES.

                                          PEM/Verify Passphrase : Can be anything which should be remembered for future use.



Step 2. Create SSL Certificate request : a)  Under SSL certificate page ,select  'Create Certificate Request' and this will popup other page


                                              b) This will pop up a window asking for various information :

                                                     Request File Name : Can be anything and don't select 'Browse ' or 'View'

                                                     Key File Name: Will be from Step 1 (b) .

                                                      Key Format : Should be same as step 1 (b)

                                                       PEM Passphrase : Should be same as step 1 (b)

                                                      Supply rest of the info  under "Distinguished Name fields"  as required.

                                                     Noting is required for "Attribute Fields "


                                                      c)  Click Create to create the certificate request file.

                                                      d) Click Close to close the Create Certificate Request window.

                                                     e)  Use a program such as WinSCP (http://winscp.net) to copy the CSR to the Local

                                                          computer.    The CSR file is located in the /nsconfig/ssl directory. This file need to send to

                                                        certificate authority like Verizon /Entrust/or Star .

File received from one of the certificate authority as shown below . Select download all the certificate.



Step 3.  Navigate through certificate tab and select add . This will pop up the box asking for information like

Certificate-Key Pair name: Provide friendly name

Certificate File name : Which you have received from CA provider . This can be PEM format . You can browse and select upload from local

Private Key File name :  This would be from appliance as you have created in Step 1(b) .

Password : Same as step 1 (b) /2(b)

Certificate Format : PEM

You can choose to notify when this certificate is expired .


That's all you have to for creating and installing SSL public certificate. In next blog I will discuss about linking with Virtual servers.

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