Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to update HOSTNAME on Dell IDRAC for PowerEdge M710HD server

Sometimes it is quite tough to find simple stuff on quite popular sites. May be I am stupid or may be its poor documentation. I was trying to update hostname as shown below because by default the hostname would be localhost. image

In order to update this , boot the Dell server and press Ctrl+ E when you get below boot menu


This will bring iDRAC configuration utility . I was thinking this somewhere you can do from desktop. Yeah stupid of me. So choose "LAN Parameters" and then "Host Name String". It will popup box for hostname. Provide correct host name and exit with saving changes. image


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Anonymous said...

Any idea how to do this without rebooting the server?

Anonymous said...

Seems kind of nuts to have to reboot a server just to change it's DRAC hostname! Unfortunately, there's no way to do it from the web based interface. :( There is a racadm command for doing the same, but racadm is a PITA to install in Linux.

Martijn said...

Woot? I have to reboot my vSphere rig and all its virtual machines just to set the lcd display text? What's next, rebooting to set the iDraq password? Surely there must be a better way.

Not too happy with recent Dell units either. Had one break after 13 months. Dell quoted 900 EUR repair so bought a second hand for 400 instead and stripped it for the parts.

Anonymous said...

You can ssh into the iDRAC as well and use the following cli to change the HOSTNAME

racadm config -g ifcRacManagedNodeOs -o ifcRacMnOsHostname newhostname

Brett said...

the "racadm config -g ifcRacManagedNodeOs -o ifcRacMnOsHostname newhostname" reports that the specified object is Read-only on at least DRAC 5 and later

Anonymous said...

linux user use freeipmi

list : bmc-info --driver-type=LAN_2_0 -h IP_ADDR -u USER -p PASSWORD
update: bmc-device --driver-type=LAN_2_0 -h IP_ADDR -u USER -p PASSWORD --set-system-name=NEWNAME

Anonymous said...

I konw this is an old post but the easiest way to change this is to login to the idrac by the IP and with the root password, under overview > IDRAC Settings

then change the user interface title bar info to the hostname

hit apply and job done!