Friday, March 2, 2012

XenServer management not shown under xsconsole

By mistake if you have made changes to management IP address of XenServer while it was in pool , you will land up in weird situation where xsconsole will not show any nic to be configured for management interface as shown below


and this


Where as ifconfig will list all the NIC listed out


Restarting xe-toolstack-restart does not help either and running xe network-list will give message "The host toolstack is still initializing . Please wait "


Infcact running any xe command will throw weird error like "htto_client. Http_request_rejected"


First  check the out of   xe host-is-in-emergency-mode. If the output is "True" then that is the whole reason of problem. Change this from "True " to "False" by running  "xe pool-emergency-transition-to-master".

Rerun " xe host-is-in-emergency-mode" and make sure out is "False". Restart xe-toolstack-restart and wallah you will see all the NIC is back


To me it looks like if you make any changes inside the pool , this my result in .

Following link did provided help.


Adam said...

This got me out of a nasty dilemma after updating some xenservers.


Kelly P said...

two of my 6 servers had gone into emergency mode during some xenserver upgrades and I have spent two days trying to figure it out. Thank you for pointing out what was such a simple solution (once I found it). Saved me from having to reinstall from scratch!

cue0 said...

In my case after update the first XS in the pool from 6.2 to 6.2 SP1 there is no chance to change the status from "True " to "False". After running "xe pool-emergency-transition-to-master" nothing happens on the problem XS. Any ideas?

Abhinav said...


Abhinav said...

thanks :)